Premium Mini Cooker
Premium Mini Cooker

Premium Mini Cooker

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Your Perspective On Packed Lunch Will Change Forever

Our Premium Mini Cooker has changed the lunchtime experience for thousands of people around the world! It heats up or cooks foods inside it, giving you a healthy and delicious meal anytime you are out!

Our Mini Cooker uses steam to warm up the food inside to keep all its healthy nutrients. There are three compartments you can fill up with your favorite foods and heat them up just before the break!

You can now enjoy the healthy home dishes at work, school, or wherever! You don’t have to make compromises with your health anymore, just pack up our Cooker and a heated meal will await you!


Heated meals anywhere- Weather you are at school, work, or outside, Mitaku will quickly heat up a delicious lunch you can enjoy from anywhere!

Cook on the spot- Our Cooker uses steam to warm up its contents or make home tasting meals in less than 20 min. wherever, whenever you want!

No unhealthy compromises- Steamed food is the best way of getting your healthy nutrients and staying fit! Drop the junk food lunches! 

Rated voltage:220v-50Hz
Rated power:200w