Features and uses

Product with low pressure, light string wear, lamp beads do not leak, string waterproof
lamp beads do not heat, can be touched
Safe, high flexibility, easy and fast operation
Low temperature, long life, 360-degree lighting, low power consumption
The product is small in size, light in weight
8 Modes:Combination;In Waves;Sequential;Slow-glow;Chasing;Fade;Flash;Steady

Curtain type: decorative lamp
Number of LED beads: 300
Size: 3 * 3M
Control mode: remote control
Color temperature: 2700 (k)
Life: 100000 (H)
Input voltage: 5 (V)
Shell material: PVC
Power factor: 0.3w
Light color: warm light, white light, color
Switch type: remote control
Power supply mode: USB power supply

Package Content:
1x Decorative lamp with a size of 3 x 3m