Premium ProCleaner
Premium ProCleaner
Premium ProCleaner
Premium ProCleaner

Premium ProCleaner

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Say goodbye to hours of cleaning with expensive products, Our Premium ProCleaner will keep you and your house clean and hair-free
  • Large surface area for quicker cleaning
  • Great for upholstered furniture, clothing, carpets, linens, pillows, etc.
  • Make your room and clothes clean, tidy, and neat
  • A perfect gift for pet owners!


  • Self-Cleaning! Buy once and use forever
  • Rotary design traps lint, fur, or hair in a secret compartment
  • Elegant and compact design means you can use it anytime and carry it anywhere
  • Removes stubborn pet hair and lint
  • Eco-friendly with no batteries required
  • Made of high-quality ABS material to last a long time


Usable for every kind of pet
Reusable: Don't waste any money
on sticky roller tapes
Portable: The Clean Pro fits
in every handbag
Available in 4 colors
Clean and simple design
No need for batteries
Free worldwide shipping
(estimated delivery: 7-20 days)
30-days Money-Back Guarantee